Me on a Mountain

Me on a Mountain

My name is Siobhan Lohenna Flanary and you will rarely see me without a camera. I have been passionate about photography for many years. I might not be any good, but I love capturing the world around me, and to me that is all that counts. My love of photography ties into my love of the great outdoors, the countryside and especially the sea. I never underestimate just how lucky I am to live in a country of such exciting, beautiful and contrasting scenery.

I am lucky enough to have lived in beautiful, rural, locations all my life, and I think this has shaped my fascination with the countryside and especially the march of the seasons, and the way nature and the countryside changes throughout the year. I enjoy attempting to capture these changes. I think there is something beautiful and unique about every season – from the stark low light of winter, to the golden, colour filled days of summer. If you are reading this far, you have probably seen some of my attempts to capture this. Sadly, what ends up on the camera always seems to pale in comparison to the real thing.

My greatest love is the sea, and will I never miss an opportunity to capture its ever-changing beauty. I am at my happiest on a remote beach in Cornwall, in the middle of an October storm, with my camera (and hat, gloves, scarf and Goretex jacket). It seems a shame to keep the thousands of photographs I have taken on my external hard drive, so they are going online (only the best ones mind). I hope you enjoy looking at them, as much as I have enjoyed the experience of getting out and taking them.

Hand Sewn Baby Quilt

Hand Sewn Baby Quilt

I also love craft, and am extremely proud of the creations I have made. Again, I don’t pretend to be an expert, and most of my creations are not from patterns, but my own imagination (or whatever fabric I like or have left). Sewing is a relatively new discovery for me. I was mainly spurred into action by the announcement from my sister that she was expecting my first Niece or Nephew. I really wanted to create something unique and handmade, so even though I had no idea where to start, I set about making my very first patchwork quilt. Even if I do say so myself, it was an overriding success, and I have been hooked ever since.


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