How I Got Into Photography

These days, you will very rarely see me without a camera in my hand, hung round my neck, or in my handbag. But this has not always been the case, and as for everybody who has a passion for using a camera to capture the world around them, there was a starting point.

I have never really considered myself as a creative person, and although I have always appreciated, and been inspired by the world around me, in my younger years capturing this really didn’t occur to me. My art teacher made clear her thoughts on my artistic and creative ability, and at school I pursued more practical subjects.

Then on my 18th birthday I was given my first digital camera from my sisters. The camera was fairly basic, and the picture quality was a bit washy, but it did a job. And yet still it sat in a drawer, gathering dust, for many months at a time. It was a January holiday to Cornwall that changed everything. I know artists rave about the Cornish light, but there was genuinely something about the light, as well as the spectacular scenery, which made me really want to capture what I saw. It was stark, yet beautiful at the same time. When I got home, people started to comment on these images I had taken, on this basic camera of mine. From then, I am not exaggerating when I say the obsession has literally snowballed. Helped along by several camera upgrades and a three year stint in the beautiful county of Cornwall, I am utterly hooked. I have no professional training, I have no idea whether my pictures are any good, but I love to photograph. Below are some of the pictures I took whilst on that holiday in Cornwall.


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